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Bushliner, JAARS Want You to Pick Your Safety Seat


Bushliner Aircraft has announced what it is calling a groundbreaking collaboration with Jungle Aviation and Relay Service (JAARS Inc.), securing design rights for upgraded seats for the Bushliner 1850. The companies say this joint effort promises enhanced safety, crashworthiness, and versatility.

These cutting-edge seats, renowned for their advanced S-frame inertia-absorbing technology, are being touted as redefining the standards for the Bushliner 1850 aircraft. The companies maintain the seats are engineered to enhance crashworthiness and adaptability. One of the standout features is their ability to withstand forces of up to 30 Gs—a critical development stemming from an accident that left one pilot paralyzed.

The modular and easily removable design of the seats adds another layer of versatility, according to the companies. Operators can rearrange cabin configurations, with unused seats folded and stored in cargo compartments. Notably lighter than the original seats, the JAARS S-Seats also contribute to improved fuel efficiency and overall performance.

The proven S-frame design, engineered to absorb energy during accidents, outperforms original seats lacking essential crush zones, the companies said. The seats also feature track compatibility with Brownline-style cargo and seat tracks, offering superior strength compared to T-rails.


Since safety is paramount, all seats are equipped with a four-point shoulder harness/seat belt assembly. Crew seats offer height, back angle, and fore and aft adjustability, ensuring comfort and safety for all occupants. The modifications allow for easy transition between all-cargo and all-passenger configurations.

“The agreement with JAARS Inc. also grants Bushliner Aircraft exclusive distribution rights for North America, providing manufacturers and operators across the continent with access to these innovative, crashworthy seats for multiple types of STC’d certified aircraft and experimentals,” Bushliner said in a news release.

Bushliner said the seats are available for a variety of retrofit installations, including the Cessna 206 and 185.

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