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Extra Aircraft Reveals New 330SX Aerobatic Monoplane

Extra Aircraft, the German company that has designed and manufactured competitive aerobatic airplanes for decades, has revealed its latest model, the Extra 330SX.

The new single-seat monoplane’s wings and empennage are made of carbon fiber and attached to a steel fuselage. The company said its design is an evolution of the Extra 330SC, a renowned aircraft that has won eight world championships.

The latest Extra incorporates several improvements ranging from a cowling with better cooling to ailerons designed to deliver faster roll rates and halt the rolls more crisply than before. A shorter fuselage increases the aircraft’s agility while improved ergonomics make the cockpit a more comfortable place to work.

Pilots, especially those who fly their aircraft long distances to competitions, are likely to notice upgrades including a wider cockpit, increased headroom and more clearance for the control stick. The 330SX also comes with the Garmin G3X Touch system with a 7-inch display as standard equipment.


The company said the 330SX is designed for improved performance “across the flight envelope” including aerobatic competition and air show performances.

The 330SX first flew on June 6 and continues flight testing with final European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approval expected soon. Extra is taking orders now with deliveries expected to begin around the middle of next year. The first, with serial number SX-001, was on display at German Nationals in Dinslaken, Germany on July 8. 

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