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FSANA Conducts Annual Flight School Operators Conference

Assembling flight training providers, industry members, and numerous federal agency representatives, the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) conducted the 15th annual Flight School Operators Conference in Las Vegas on February 21-22. More than 300 attendees shared best practices, resources, and heard briefings on topics related to providing effective, efficient, and safety-oriented flight training.

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FSANA held its annual conference last week. [image courtesy Jason Blair]

The conference highlights included briefings from FAA staff on upcoming regulatory changes that may affect flight training, from TSA staff regarding the health and volume of training for international students, and specifically from FAA reps in the aero medical focal area. The FAA is working to modernize how it manages behavioral health reporting, approvals for return to flight for pilots who report and seek appropriate treatment, and safety concerns related to behavioral trends in the pilot community.

Discussions also included consideration of future technology integration into the entire aviation sector but also specifically the aviation training landscape. With exciting and unique technologies on the near horizon, some of the speakers and discussions hinted at what may be coming soon to implement technologies in aviation training.

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FSANA CEO and president Robert Rockmaker. [image courtesy Jason Blair]

“We are excited to continue the growth of this conference, the communication it drives between all participants, and the importance of sharing of information it facilitates to improve flight training services in the entire system,” said FSANA CEO and president Robert Rockmaker.

FSANA is already beginning to plan for the 2025 conference that will take place in Orlando, Florida, next February. If you are a participant in the flight training sector, keep an eye out for more information on the next event.

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