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Michelin and Bristell Forge OEM Alliance

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A fresh chapter is unfolding in the world of aviation as Michelin Aviation signs an exclusive OEM agreement with BRM Aero Bristell.

Celebrated for its luxury light sport aircraft, Bristell is set to receive Michelin’s top-tier aviation tires, strengthening already innovative offerings. This partnership marks Michelin’s continued engagement with the global GA industry.

This mutually beneficial arrangement offers an expansive perspective on the advantages that both companies stand to gain, including growth and innovation opportunities.

The agreement has garnered praise from Bristell’s leadership, with CEO Martin Bristela expressing great satisfaction with the level of quality embodied by Michelin tires. This strategic alliance offers BRM Aero Bristell a platform to substantially enhance its standing in the GA aircraft market. Located in the Czech Republic, Bristell also boasts a highly regarded flight academy stateside.


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Michelin Aviation: An Industry Leader

Michelin’s track record includes a robust history in aviation tire manufacturing. It has carved a significant niche in the sector with partnerships extending to some of the world’s leading airlines. The company’s successful associations also range beyond commercial and regional airlines, extending to the military sector.

The exclusive OEM agreement with Bristell is poised to bolster Michelin’s standing in the aviation industry. This pact aligns with Michelin’s history of innovative partnerships. By working with Bristell, Michelin carries forward its mission of furthering technological progress in aviation tire technology, paving the path for advancement and growth.

The Up-and-Coming BRM Aero Bristell

This partnership also holds promise for boosting Bristell’s position in the leisure aircraft market. The advantage of Michelin’s top-notch aviation tires could potentially enhance the performance of Bristell’s aircraft, propelling the brand’s reputation to new heights. Michelin’s superior performance and safety tires could drive increased customer confidence.


This partnership illuminates the prospects of future alliances and collaborations within the industry. As Bristell and Michelin demonstrate, strategic agreements are key drivers in fostering shared growth and innovation. The advancements from this could significantly impact the light sport, GA sectors, and luxury aircraft markets, setting new standards of quality, technology, and performance.


Just like other evolving industries, aviation is remarkably quick in adopting and adapting to advancements. Therefore, alliances like this one underscore the importance of syncretic growth, solidified relationships, and sharing expertise. 

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