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STC Allows Openable Windows on Several Planes

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Ellis & Associates said it has been issued an supplemental type certificate for installing windows that can be opened on certain aircraft.

The STC, which is numbered SA02771LA, covers the modification of an airplane’s doors or fuselage to enable the original fixed windows to be opened.

The STC applies to Beechcraft Bonanza 33, 35 and 36 models, Commander Aircraft 112 and 114 models, Mooney M20s, and the Piper PA-24, PA-28 and PA-32 series.

Ellis & Associates noted that the modification works on light singles with small vent windows that are built into the larger fixed windows. However, the STC installation cannot be done to aircraft on which the vent windows are attached to the doors or the fuselage.


The Oklahoma City company, which has numerous STCs for a range of aircraft, said the modification work takes 20 to 25 hours and requires experience working with sheet metal. The cost of the STC, which is separate from the parts and labor, is $500.

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