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No Foolin’? CubCrafters Gear to Help Nix Ground Loops

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CubCrafters, a leading designer and manufacturer of light sport and Part 23-certified aircraft, unveils a backcountry landing gear configuration to minimize ground loops in backcountry flying.

CEO Patrick Horgan expresses confidence in the innovation, stating, “This is the most robust landing gear configuration ever put on a Cub type aircraft.” He highlights its strength and braking power, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize safety in backcountry aviation.

The company plans to merge certified nosewheel and tailwheel landing gear into one configuration, anticipating swift FAA approval under a performance-based safety continuum doctrine.

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Retrofitting options for existing X and NX Cubs are available, with anticipated reductions in insurance premiums.

Brad Damm, vice president, notes the advantages of the new quincycle landing gear, emphasizing its versatility for both off-airport and pavement landings. Despite challenges in ground taxiing, the company remains optimistic, citing the overall benefits.


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